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We care about your safety

As you share information about yourself and make connections through our app, your safety is our precedence. This space was created especially for you to learn our safety tips and get to know how to behave in different situations. Here you will also learn about our up-to-date safety technology.

Our technology keeps you safe

To keep your messaging safe we use content recognition tools and AI adaptive content blurring. Our tools ensure that you always communicate with real people and that all types of inappropriate content are censored automatically.

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Safety principles

Safety and mutual respect are essential to feeling comfortable in any community. To keep our community special we ask you to be sure you understand our safety rules and how to express yourself in the best way.

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We do not share your data

We guarantee that we never share your personal data, we do not run ads and make money using the private data of our users, and we do not share your exact location and phone number with other users. You can also customize your privacy settings.

You must be over 18

According to our rules you must be over 18 years old. We require age verification from every user during the registration process through Facebook, App Store, Google Play or mobile number.

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Support team is always here to help

If you ever feel unsafe because of suspicious behavior of other users, you can contact us and get instant support. Don't hesitate to report your concerns to us at any time to let us keep your space safe.

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