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Our Community Guidelines

These community guidelines have been made for all our members' comfort while using Say Oki. We care about our users' experience on the platform and do everything possible to help them enjoy our app.

Respect each other

It is prohibited to discriminate against or harass other members of different gender, race, social background, ethnic group, sexual orientation, etc. Please avoid talking about such issues as religious and political beliefs. If you feel that another user is behaving in an inappropriate or offensive way, please report this straight away.

Minatory and rude behavior

Confrontational, aggressive and indecent behavior is unacceptable on Say Oki. Any threat of physical harm will result in the deactivation of your profile and may also prompt the intervention of local law enforcement agencies.

Be careful what you share

You are not allowed to share images of violent acts, sexually explicit photos, or any content promoting drug use. You also should not share your financial information with anybody online. Remember that sharing any personal data may be a risk to you.

Be honest

The Say Oki community calls on you to be honest. This is very important for you and other users willing to make true connections with you. That includes using only genuine photos for your profile picture, being truthful about your age, and not pretending to be someone else.

Obey the law

Illegal behavior on SayOki is forbidden. This includes such activities as hate speech, organized crime, encouraging violence, sharing sexually explicit content to underage minors etc. Any of these actions will be directly reported to local law enforcement.

Community protection

If you see that someone has violated our community guidelines, please report it immediately. We ask you to do so to lower your own safety risk and the risk to other members.

If you are suspected of breaching our community guidelines or another user has reported you, you will get a warning. However, if we find out that your behavior is illegal, you will be instantly banned. The guidelines on Say Oki are made to enable a friendly, kind, and safe community.

This page has been created to help SayOki users understand the main rules for behavior on our platform. For a more detailed list of rules go to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages.