Online Social Awareness


Say Oki is a wonderful little world where people find each other, make new acquaintances, build true friendships, and enjoy communication. However, the app will work much better if every user is respectful and kind to others.

Online Safety for Female Members

As usual, women are more likely to get exposed to harassment than men. Unfortunately, they are not always able to confront their attackers. In addition to our safety tips we encourage women to be extra careful when using online social platforms. Don't share your personal information and immediately report those who behave in an inappropriate way. We also strongly recommend that women use the special helpline numbers in their countries if someone threatens them.

Sexting and Nudity

Flirting is always exciting and women may decide to share their nude photos, undress during live calls, etc. However, we need to warn all women that these acts can be used against you. There is a danger of becoming a victim of sexual exploitation. For these reasons we don't allow nudes and sexual images on our app. For our members protection we use specific technology to detect and terminate streaming sessions as fast as possible.

Only 18+ Users

Say Oki is an adult platform and there are no underage users. It is strictly forbidden for any person under 18 years old to join the Say Oki. As parents, if you see your child using Say Oki, you should inform us by sending us a message and making a report. We will take measures to ban the account.


We are absolutely against behavior that can be considered discriminatory. Any user who discriminates other users based on age, gender, race, nationality, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or other characteristic protected under local and international law will receive a warning and may have their account removed. Unfortunately, we are not always able to control every user on Say Oki. For this reason we ask you to contact us immediately if another member discriminates against you. Don’t hesitate to report this user and we will investigate further.

Scam & Fake Profiles

Unfortunately, fake profiles and scams are very common on social networks. Sometimes people pretend to be someone they are not by setting up fake profiles. Online scams can be embarrassing for users, especially if they try to implement sexual exploitation or identity theft. By this reason we demand confirmation of the identity of all our users to make Say Oki safe. Fake profiles are banned on as soon as we find them.

Illegal and Offensive Content

Say OKi does not tolerate offensive and illegal content. We believe that our users must be protected from violence, drugs, pornography, homophobia, criminal activity, gambling, etc. For this reason we take such content down as soon as we find it. Illegal content is referred to the authorities immediately.

Inappropriate language

Sometimes users decide to break the ice by using language with sexual connotations, swearing, or using words that can be offensive to others. Say Oki has implemented technology to monitor and determine certain inappropriate words used in correspondence. If a user tries to use a word from our blacklist, the message will not be sent. The blacklist includes words with inappropriate and sexual connotation.


Many people may experience shaming concerning their appearance. In the century of Photoshop and edit photo filters, there is even more pressure on people. Be aware that social media may effect your mental state.