For Law Enforcement

Guidelines for Legal Authorities

Law enforcement authorities looking for information from the Say Oki should refer to the following guidelines. We may change these guidelines without notice.

Business Records

We gather private information of new users creating accounts on SayOki according to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. This includes anonymized device identifiers, gender, age,and name. Our users can opt whether to provide further information or not.

SayOki might also gather information on how our members use the app and interact with our product.

Requirements for Legal Procedure

If law enforcement authorities request access to any responsive records available to the Say Oki app, we will supply them in alignment with our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and applicable laws. Please read the guidelines concerning our cooperation with law enforcement below. Note that these guidelines might not be relevant in every situation.

  • - Authorized law enforcement should send inquiries from an official government domain to We usually ask for a clear legal foundation for making the inquiry as part of the investigation.
  • - We ask the law enforcement agents how this information could help their investigation. If we see that the requests are ambiguous and not helpful for an investigation, we may refuse to provide this data.
  • - We require the authorities to provide us with their issuing authority name, ID of the officer or agent, and the contact number of the responsible officer or agent.
  • - Requests without this information might not be processed or might be delayed.

We are focused on effective cooperation with any inquiries that align with our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and legal processes.

Request Notification to Users

In some situations we may notify our users that the law enforcement requested for their information before providing any data to officers.