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Control your safety

Explore the following tips to keep yourself and your personal data safe while using our app. Don't forget to check out our Community Guidelines as well.


Be true to yourself

You should provide honest information about yourself when you sign up for SayOki. Your accurate data, including name, age, photo, etc. will help you make more true connections and find people with similar life views.


Connections made on SayOki should stay in the app

Making new acquaintances can be very emotional, and new impressions can make you forget about your safety. We recommend that you don't share your personal info with other users too soon. Let all your interactions stay inside the app.


Protect your financial information

We encourage you to be careful when somebody asks you to give them your financial information. If somebody tries to persuade you to share your data, never agree and notify our support team immediately.


Faces must be seen

If a person doesn't show their face, the screen will be blurred until the app detects it. You should make sure your face is visible and disconnect with others who are trying to hide theirs.


Be respectful and kind to other users

Please read our Community Guidelines to make sure you understand what will make you a respectful and kind community member. By following these guidelines you will enjoy our app to the full.


Use the app from a safe location

It is essential to be in a safe and private location when you use the app. If you are sitting in a public place while using the app, make sure you don't show addresses, names of public places, etc. Other users should not know your exact location.

We are always ready to help you

If you feel uncomfortable because of another users' behavior or you need our support on any other issue, please get in touch with us through our safety center at any time.

Please note that these tips are not the full list of safety rules on SayOki. Read our Community Guidelines for more details.

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