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Our Safety Tools

We care about our users' comfort, positive experience, and safety on Say Oki. For this reason we have implemented safety features on our platform, which include facial recognition, age verification, content blurring, and content moderation.


Connections with real people only

When you connect with another user via video call, both of your faces must be clearly visible on camera. Alternatively, your screen will be automatically blurred until a face appears. That is the guarantee that you are always talking to a real person. You also have the option to unblur the screen if the other person is hiding their face.


Content Moderation

As we are not always able to control the behavior of every user, we use Artificial Intelligence content moderation to make sure you never encounter any offensive and inappropriate content on SayOki. Our advanced tools detect and stop sharing of content that violates our community guidelines (nudity, offensive images, violence, etc.). Reports we receive from our users are also analyzed with AI based tools and human moderators.


Age verification

Say Oki is only for those who are 18+ years old. When you sign up, you will be asked to verify your age. It does not matter which method of registration you choose (through Facebook, App Store, Google Play, or phone number).

Block and Report

You can add any user to your black list just by tapping a button. After adding a user to your black list they won't be able to contact you. But if you choose to block and report a user, our Safety Center team will receive an automatically generated report and immediately take action to protect the app.

Screenshots shown on this page can differ from the app inside . The content we provide on this website is informational and might not apply to your region. Be aware that we may update the information here.

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